Jordan lives and breathes gliding. Having started at 14 and gone solo at 15, he has now flown multiple types of sailplanes, old and new, all over the world. In his second year of professional instructing he now splits his time teaching people of all levels to fly, at the Lasham Gliding Society & Lake Keepit Soaring Club, Australia.


Junior Gliding – The most fun you can have in the sky!

The lack of an engine isn't stopping the UK's Junior Gliding movement from driving the country's aviation industry forward.

Gliding. A sport of diverse opportunities

In my last blog, I explained how easy and cost effective it is to start to learn to fly to solo and beyond. But let’s...

Gliding, the cheapest and most fun way to fly.

Want to learn to fly every week but can’t commit to a PPL? Want to potentially solo at 14, get your licence by 16 and join...