Jon first flew in a glider aged seven, and after that he never wanted to do anything else. He has flown both helicopters and aeroplanes professionally, and in his spare time is a contributor to various aviation publications. He started Get Into Flying as a way to tell people what he's been saying for years. "If I can do it, you can too."


Flying the Flag

Military flying careers are among the most challenging going. A while back I wrote about some things you can do to prepare if it's a career choice that appeals to you.

Looking back in angst, how far has GA come since 2014?

In 2014 the UK government announced a new approach to GA and we had high hopes, but how well do they match today's reality?

Flying on Film

What do Batman, James Bond and Easy Company have in common? They all fly with the same airline... kind of.

Red Bull Air Race – Ascot 2016

Having represented UK General Aviation at the Air Race for the last two years, we were invited by Red Bull to return to Ascot in 2016 to speak to Air Race guests about opportunities to take up flying in the UK.

Breathtaking paragliding video shows Autumn speed-flying at its most intense

Paragliding is a terrific sport - not just for the cheap access to aviation and the physical benefits of lugging a glider around the hills, but...