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Demystifying the magic of aviation

The world of aviation and aerospace can seem closed and mysterious. That’s why we started Get Into Flying. Whether you want a career in aviation, to compete as a sport, or just to fly for fun, we want to help you achieve your ambition.

We have tips for beginners, advice on developing, and resources to help you build the network you need.

It’s always evolving and growing, and it’s free.

What kind of aircraft are you interested in flying?


Whether you've got an eye on becoming a professional, want to travel long distances with ease, or simply want to see the sights, learning to fly an aeroplane is demanding but rewarding.


Helicopters' utility comes from their ability to land almost anywhere. They are challenging to fly in a different way to aeroplanes, but there are few thrills greater than your first hover!


Staying airborne using nothing but currents of rising air can be both relaxing and demanding. Either way it is a cost-effective and extremely fun way to experience aviation.

Hang-gliders and Paragliders

Known collectively as 'free flight', soaring under an extremely light wing made of little more than fabric is perhaps the purest form of flight. You won't get closer to the birds doing anything else!